How Brooklyn Apple was Started: A complete History by Sal

Chapter One

Brooklyn Apple was founded by John Applesauce in the year 4 C.E. in St. Petersburg Russia, (at the time the City was named, “Aaaaaaaaa’!”)

John Applesauce was a miner/tunnel digger and Brooklyn Apple was his first independent Tunnel Digging Company.  Their first job was to dig a tunnel from Aaaaaaaa to Rome. Next he would dig sinkholes that would collapse the walls .  

Unfortunately for John Applesauce, the Romans found out about his plan, and dug tunnels underneath his tunnel, causing it to collapse.  He was stuck in the tunnel for five days until he was able to find his way through the Roman passageways and into the city.  

Chapter 2

John Applesauce in Rome  


Johnny Applesauce found himself broke, hungry, and covered in dirt. He needed to make $. He got a job at the coliseum wrestling lions. He was about to be eaten, but he realized that one of the lions was just two people in a lion costume.  He dove into a lion, but didn’t realize it was actually a real lion.  He was eaten.  ;c

Chapter 3 

Meanwhile inside the pantomime lion, there was someone who worked for Johnny Applesauce.  His name was Banana Sauce.  Banana escaped the coliseum with his quadropedic lion.  

Meanwhile in Spain, Christopher Columbus was starting his journey in search of a faster way to the Indies.  Banana S. was friends with a guy who was friends with a guy who was friends with a guy, who was friends with a guy, who was friends with Christopher Columbus.  


To be continued….