Brooklyn Flying Squad Shut Down

by Charlie and Shaylem

We have some very bad news; Thursday, April 22 the Brooklyn Flying Squad was permanently shut down. Security at Barnes and Nobles caught Charlie, a member of our Flying Squad, writing graffiti on the walls of the bathroom. Charlie revealed that this was a dollar dare that Alex, our adult facilitator had given to him.

The police were called in after security questioned Alex as being negligent of his responsibilities. Alex was put in a cop car and taken to the police station. Meanwhile, the kids were taken to the Department of Education Central Office of Home Schooling on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.

The Director of the Central Office of Home Schooling, William Harrington asked us lots of questions about what educational activities the Flying Squad has been doing this year. He determined that we weren’t getting any educational instruction from this program. And according to the New York State Section 100.10 homeschool regulation, homeschoolers in seventh grade and above must have 247.5 hours of instruction per quarter (every three months).

The Home School Office shut down our program and our parents had to come pick us up early from the administrative offices. We are all confused and are still in shock about what just happened. We’re disappointed that Alex would do such a thing to us. We’re still asking for information on Alex’s whereabouts but none of our parents have heard anything.