Hub Adventures October 23, 2020

The party walked up the slope of the stream after having defeated the harpies. They peered in on the Tumbled tower ahead of them in a clearing. Birds chirped around them and the sun shown down on an ancient tower that is falling apart. About three stories of the tower stood before them. And then floating in the air above stood several more floors of the tower, suspended in midair.

They entered through the main entrance, which was open with a broken stone door at their feet. A short hallway led to an area covered in darkness. After unsuccessfully trying to dispell the darkness using a light cantrip, they tied a rope to Avdol’s waist. He entered the darkness with the others holding the rope taught. He felt himself sloping upwards as a mist fell on him. Soon he felt something like soft cloth or a veil and then hands slowing brushing up against his skin.

He pushed onward to a small cylindrical space in the middle of the darkness. A bright light from above revealed a spiral staircase leading up.The rest of the party followed the rope and followed Avdol up the stairs. They climbed up through an entranceway in the floor into a dark room with a fireplace at the other end. An elderly elven woman sat cooking and told them in elvish to sit at a long table covered in food and plates. She poured them all root tea which they drank. Then a light came from a wall between shelves covered in jars of liquids and strange objects. A large human man appeared and sat down at the table with them.

Upon questioning him, they found out that he was Hammermill, the current King of Greyhawk, but he only appeared as an apparition. They could not touch him and he could not see the elven woman. He ansered their questions about the Celadon Forest and revealed that Greyhawk intended to take over the forest as well as Welkwood to the west. He explained that he wanted their natural resources and land and intended on sending the elves off to live on land south in the County of Brackenmoor or to kill them all off.

The elven woman served them all a black soup with a moss-like material and dark cubes in it. When she gave them spoons with ornate skulls, the king disappeared and they were each pulled into their soup. They found themselves covered in the soup-like material at the bottom of a cavern with the light from the spiral staircase above. They heard voices and shouted out to them. Two driders and two drow approached and told them to drop their weapons. They were taken prisoner, tied, and blindfolded. They were released in a prison cell where they saw the dead bodies of several wood elves and several wood elves who were starving.

Chimpo successfully picked the lock of the cell with the bones from a small bird or bat he found on the floor. Further up the corridor they found the two drow standing guard. They defeated them quite easily, Wynzorwyn taking one drow’s sword, Advol a hand crossbow. They other drow ran off in fear cast from a Wrathful Smite spell. The hallway outside the guard post sloped downward to the right and upward to the left. The party chose to go left and soon discovered that they were back where they had started in the cavern where they found themselves out of the soup. To their left they hear construction noise. They want to try to leave this place and intend to follow the hallway back downward the other way.

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