How do defend yourself against santa (By Oliver)

So, A man dressed in red broke into your home, WHAT DO YOU DO! Well first, We grab the nearest weapon, And if you have one, a cross and bible, Then you wanna sneak down stairs,

And attack the red beast, then if you want to permanently get rid of the red demon, use the cross to melt him, and then start reading holy verses. Now, If somehow you screwed this up, I will give you a description on the best ways to protect yourself from the beast after you get caught, 1# Avoid his sack, he will trap you in the sack and turn you into candy and toys, 2# get your children, he has a soft spot for those little tikes upstairs sleeping, 3# Remember that cross I was talking about, If you don’t have one on you, they sell them at your 24h Exorcism store, and finally, 4# break his legs, if you have been unable to complete any of these first 3 tasks, just, break his legs, He’s still mortal and weak to blunt objects against his legs. NOW THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO FIGHT SANTA, GO HO HO OUT THERE AND START HUNTING!!!!!!!

Hub Adventures, April 2021

After a long battle, the party defeated the Bone Devil and the Greyhawk militia and Crossed Serpents that closed in on them in the Black Dragon cave. They took the row boats of the militia out to the Greyhawk Navy’s ship. Upon boarding the ship they met only the fortune teller from Lord Silverfox’s party. She revealed to them that she is in fact the woman who had given them the soup and had given them the visions of Hammermill, Greyhawk’s King, way back in October of last year. (more…)

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