Voice of the Children

Voice of the Children promotes and facilitates activities that advocate young people's civil rights and autonomy. We believe that children should have significant decision-making power over all aspects of their own lives to improve their growth into competent and empathetic individuals who are agents of constructive change. It is our belief at Voice of the Children that self-management and the ability to lead and delegate are vital skills that need to be practiced and honed; therefore, we provide rare opportunities for young people to do so, in a supportive environment.

Spring 2022 Classes

Art and Activism

Art and Activism Class

In this class, we will open a safe space for young people to talk about their concerns regarding the world they are inhabiting. We will move on to figure out an action that will call attention to this issue and perform them. As an educator I intend to support their point of view, guide in how to realize the action of their choice, care and protect them while the action is happening. There will be space for different ways of supporting the action, and division of tasks in order to make the action happen. For example, physical artwork to create banners and signs, performance art to enact the action, and video and photography for documentation. As a facilitator, my performance art, video, and photography background will enable me to guide them in all of the aspects of the action. Together we will make our voices heard and our put our vision of a new and better world in the streets.

Dates: TBA
Times: TBA
Ages: TBA
Cost: TBA

All materials will be provided in the cost of tuition.

Professional Phone Photography

Professional Phone Photography Class

This class we will explore light and shadow, reflection, angles, perspective, composition, portraiture, self-portraiture, landscape, macro photography and many creative ways of approaching photo making. The class will always start and end at the same location using photo walks to better achieve the specific theme of each class. The students will be using personal devices which will allow them to apply what they learned in their daily lives. In addition, such devices carry a lot of the professional tools of a camera, and we will be exploring its full potential. Most importantly they will be learning new ways to see and transform the three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional photography frame.

Dates: TBA
Times: TBA
Ages: TBA
Cost: TBA

Materials: you must provide your own smartphone.

About Voice of the Children

Voice of the Children is an art and activism project started in 2017 in Brooklyn, New York on occupied Lenape land. The program gives teens and preteens an outlet for their own creativity and expression. We work with both traditional media (e.g. typesetting with a letterpress, lino printing, etc.) as well as with digital media (e.g. web development via this website).


Isadora Frost
Isadora Frost grew up in Brazil, where, in 2009, she graduated from PUC Sao Paulo in Performance Art and Dance. In 2014, Frost completed a second degree in Fine Arts, at The San Francisco Art Institute, CA. In 2018 she acquired a Master’s Degree in Photography, at Parsons the New School of Design, NY. She has shown her work Internationally since 2007. Those include New Zealand, Brazil, Russia, China, San Francisco, New York and Finland, where she received an award at the Helsinki Photo Festival in 2019. In addition, Frost has been acting as an art educator in New York City for the last 3 years focusing on focusing on middle school aged students, and is currently acting as self-directed learning educator.
Alexander Khost
Alexander Khost is a father and youth rights advocate and is active in several additional youth rights projects including: Flying Squads, Brooklyn Apple Academy, and Tipping Points. He previously founded the Teddy McArdle Free School and co-founded play:groundNYC, the junk playground on Governors Island. Khost is also a working artist with an MFA from Parsons School of Design, the New School University.

Contact Us

contact@voiceofthechildren.nyc   |   718-530-2478


This project was directly inspired by Voice of the Children, a publication printed from 1921 to 1941 by the Modern School of Stelton, New Jersey. The publication contained stories, poems, and news, illustrated by wood and linoleum cuts, written, typeset and printed by children. The name Voice of the Children has been re-used with permission by the Trustees of the Friends of the Modern School.

Photo: Courtesy of Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries