Voice of the Children

Voice of the Children promotes and facilitates activities that advocate young people's civil rights and autonomy. We believe that children should have significant decision-making power over all aspects of their own lives to improve their growth into competent and empathetic individuals who are agents of constructive change. It is our belief at Voice of the Children that self-management and the ability to lead and delegate are vital skills that need to be practiced and honed; therefore, we provide rare opportunities for young people to do so, in a supportive environment.

About Voice of the Children

Voice of the Children is an art and activism project started in 2017 in Brooklyn, New York on occupied Lenape land. The program gives teens and preteens an outlet for their own creativity and expression. We work with both traditional media (e.g. typesetting with a letterpress, lino printing, etc.) as well as with digital media (e.g. web development via this website).

Due to Covid, our in-person workshops have been paused. We continue to maintain our newspaper, The Apple Gazette online only now (and will return to our regular bi-monthly print version once it is safe again to do so).

Alexander Khost


Alexander Khost is the facilitator who works with the young people involved in Voice of the Children.

He is a father and youth rights advocate and is active in several additional youth rights projects including: Flying Squads, Brooklyn Apple Academy, and Tipping Points. He previously founded the Teddy McArdle Free School and co-founded play:groundNYC.


This project was directly inspired by Voice of the Children, a publication printed from 1921 to 1941 by the Modern School of Stelton, New Jersey. The publication contained stories, poems, and news, illustrated by wood and linoleum cuts, written, typeset and printed by children. The name Voice of the Children has been re-used with permission by the Trustees of the Friends of the Modern School.

Photo: Courtesy of Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

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