Hub Adventures June 19, 2020

You started outside of Two Ford camping in the plains. You went into town and saw that the people there had a negative reaction to all of the elves in your party for some reason.


Categories: D&D

Pineapple Gnome, A Brief History

By Zoe, Charlie, Shaylem, and Alex

There once was a pineapple. An ancient elder power of the gnomes. No wait, he was pickled first, everyone knows that. It’s common knowledge. Does that mean he’s cursed to never be ripe? He was accidentally dropped into a pickle jar, and the owner of these pickles decided, “Eh I’m feeling lazy.” And then he never took it out. And then gnomes found him and put a gnome hat on him and stuck googly eyes on him. Then he was growled at by angry Zoes. But Hub took pity on him and made him living or something? Sure.