Brooklyn Flying Squad Shut Down

by Charlie and Shaylem

We have some very bad news; Thursday, April 22 the Brooklyn Flying Squad was permanently shut down. Security at Barnes and Nobles caught Charlie, a member of our Flying Squad, writing graffiti on the walls of the bathroom. Charlie revealed that this was a dollar dare that Alex, our adult facilitator had given to him. (more…)

Hub Adventures, March 2021

The party tracked down the robber party that stole their belongings and battled them. Avdol cast fear upon one who fled and the invisible robber was never found. After a long battle, they killed the rest of the party. But since two escaped, they decided to climb a mountain and seek shelter in a cave for a long rest. (more…)

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Child Starts Satan Worshipping Cult in Prospect Park

by Charlie, Marisol, Shaylem & Alex

Today one of our journalists was captured by a Satan worshipping cult in Prospect Park called the Brooklyn Apple Academy. Through a hidden microphone our journalist described the cult as a truly terrifying clan of troglodytes. They had upside down crosses, they used rocks as currency, and they were using primitive plumbing supply weapons. (more…)

Hoop Skirts to Enforce Social Distancing

by Bea, Charlie, Marisol, Shaylem, Zoe & Alex (and no help from Manuela)

Hoop skirt mandates have been enforced in the New York City subway. Hoop skirts are very wide, and because of this they are perfect for enforcing social distancing. The MTA was frustrated when people wore their masks below their noses, which is what originally triggered the law. (more…)

Hub Adventures, February 2021

The party ran upstairs in Lord Silverfox’s estate, carrying Silverfox’s body, with the excuse of bringing him to his bedroom as a resting place. The party noticed that the upstairs floor was elaborately decorated with images of evil-doing and spiders and imagery of Lolth. They entered a room straight ahead at the top of the stairs to discover a room with a large, stone slab in the center of the room. Searching to the left, they found servant’s quarters. To the right they found Silverfox’s bedroom. (more…)

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