HUB DAY: The Day of the Bubble

Today was the holy day of Hubbists. Hubbism is the belief that the world was created by Hub the bubble. All believers congregated in Prospect Park by the picnic house and rejoiced with bubble gum, donuts, and pink lemonade.

Neil Armstrong Leaves Fortune on Moon

by Charlie, Marisol, Shaylem & Alex It was recently discovered that the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong left a fortune on the moon on his initial visit there in 1969. Elon Musk discovered it when he found a big treasure chest just sort of sitting there on the dark side of the moon. We all know […]

Satanic Summoning Gone Right…?

by Charlie, Marisol, Shaylem, Zoe & Alex Earlier today some young hoodlums took part in a satanic summoning. The illegal actions of these people are truly preposterous. The Parks Department stumbled upon the group. At first they just thought they were dumb children pretending to summon people, but then when they saw Billy Graham appear […]

A Big Misunderstanding

by Charlie, Marisol, Shaylem, Zoe & Alex The so-called “Pro Trump protests” on Capitol Hill on Wednesday were all a big misunderstanding. There was in fact organizing, but the organizing was for a big Pokemon Go meetup. The meetup was organized by Qanon after hearing that there was a special location in Capitol Hill to […]

New Inflow of Tiny Tot Workers

by Charlie, Shaylem, Zoe & Alex Yesterday’s decision by the Department of Education to shut down schools in New York City turned out to not be about the Coronavirus, at least not what we thought. Contrary to popular belief, the Coronavirus was not the sole cause of schools shutting down. Our investigative reporters discovered that […]