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Apple Gazette: October 2019 Issue (PDF)

The Apple Gazette October 2019 issue is out! Download the PDF here. Print copies can be found outside the front door of Brooklyn Apple Academy (while supplies last!) Please consider donating $1 to help cover the cost of printing by leaving a donation at the door or by donating here:¬† Thank you for your readership […]

Tuesday Flying Squad 11/6

It was Election Day and several members of our team did not come in. It was also pouring rain, and so, we went to the Museum of Math and spent literally hours attempting to figure out the mathematics of shooting a basketball out of a cannon to score a basket.

Tuesday Flying Squad 10/30

Today we discussed more about land ownership and decided to head out to some abandoned train tracks in Long Island City. What I love about the tracks is that they are right next to some massive skyscrapers that are going up in the area, and so, there is an amazing contrast of what was New […]

Tuesday Flying Squad 10/23

We started out the day at the Brooklyn Museum. When we discovered it was closed (despite what Google Maps told us before making the walk over), we decided to play hide and seek for a bit outside. I also gave them some challenges (e.g. Mateo had to “shovel” the sidewalk). We then headed off to […]

Tuesday Flying Squad 10/16

Today we focused on building homes in The Village. We went to an art supply store and a hardware store to get paint, wood, a shovel, a saw, etc. We also found objects on the street. We built a “Town Hall” and started on a storage shed and personal homes for the team. I also […]