Done-juns En Drah-guns Campaign: Days 1 & 2

The Mosshold Peninsula is being overrun and controlled by giants coming from the clouds. Cassandra Damon’s farm has been taken over and her family kidnapped. She flees the farm to Mosshold to find help and meets Gareon Dull Va’Olazur, a wandering adventurer looking for action. He vows to help her find her family and to rescue her farm. Inquiring in town, they find out that the militia and government have been bribed and are on the side of the giants. And so, they turn to the thieve’s guild for help.

The two head to the town casino to inquire with the guild for help. Upon entry however, they get into a barroom brawl with some drunken half giants sitting next to them at the bar. Arnold Radegber, the casino bartender helps them, along with Ratticus Maximus, a lowly casino rat servant. Lastly, the casino performer that night, a bard named William is inadvertently brought into the fray when a mis-thrown weapon nearly hits him on stage. Once the group has taken out the drunken giants, they are invited into a backroom by Darius, the casino manager.

Cassandra and Gareon explain their situation to Darius who agrees to give them some resources, namely, the company of Arnold, Ratticus, and William to accompany them to the nearby city of Blackmoor. He instructs them to follow the trade road to the city and once they have entered, to look for The Comeback Inn and to ask for Grimtor the Scoundrel upon entry. Grimtor will help assist the party with their next steps in saving Cassandra’s family and in helping to take down the cloud giant army infiltrating the peninsula.

Before departure, Ratticus joins the local rat thieve’s guild and is given a magical tattoo that will help guide him and give him admission to guilds throughout the land. He is given a book of Rat Thieve’s Cant and a map of the rat tunnels beneath Mosshold. The party heads out on the trade road early the next morning.

Their day passes without event and they make it 30 miles and half way to Blackmoor along the road. That night on the third nightwatch shift, Gareon is attacked by a living vine. Each of the adventurers battles off their own vine. Casandra is knocked unconscious and begins to be dragged up the tree by the vine that attacked her. The other members of the party each kill off their own vines and help get Cassandra away from her vine. William uses the paladin magic of Lay on Hands to heal Cassandra nearly back to full health. The party takes a long rest to heal up, despite this meaning they will get a later start on the road again the next morning.

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