Hub Adventures, April 2021

After a long battle, the party defeated the Bone Devil and the Greyhawk militia and Crossed Serpents that closed in on them in the Black Dragon cave. They took the row boats of the militia out to the Greyhawk Navy’s ship. Upon boarding the ship they met only the fortune teller from Lord Silverfox’s party. She revealed to them that she is in fact the woman who had given them the soup and had given them the visions of Hammermill, Greyhawk’s King, way back in October of last year.

She gave them an update on the war of the Pomarj and Greyhawk versus the Alliance and the Celadon Forest. Unfortunately, the Horned Society decided to join in on the fray and came down through the Shield Lands, massacring everything that got in their way. A battle between the Kingdom of Furyondy and the Horned Society is about to take place right near Critwill, the city that divides the two massive nation states.


Meanwhile, the Horned Society troops have begun to amass a navy by trying to take over Walworth Isle. They sent an evil being named Bulzar to the island who has set up a prison on the east coast. He’s been abducting the natives of the island, imprisoning and feeding off their souls to become stronger. Right at this moment, his troops of spirit demons people are raiding the city of Admunfort on the west coast to take over the key port city and its resources. This will give the Horned Society a strong advantage in the war that right now focuses on the Nyr Dyv.

The Fortune Teller asked the party to head to Walworth Isle to stop Bulzar. Before leaving, she cast a spell removing the curse placed on them from Zombie’s wish spell that had the dragon treasure following them around. After a near run-in with the Greyhawk militia in the Nyr Dyv, they docked in Admunfort.

After docking, the adventurers walked into town to find a boarded up ghost town. After randomly picking the lock at the blacksmith’s shop, they met the blacksmith and a group of towns people hiding out in the basement. They were a part of the town that stayed behind to try to battle off Bulzar’s army. The rest of the town had fled for safety by ship for other lands.

Back out in the street, they were met by a creature with giant claws and eight blue spirit soldiers. After a long battle in which Chinchilla came a hit point away from dying and having his soul sucked from his body, the battle ended when both parties fled the scene. Black acid rain came pouring down, and so, the adventurers took cover in one of the nearby port warehouses. After Dain broke a hole in the wall, they witnessed Bulzar himself fly into town, destroy a bunch of buildings with huge bursts of fire that extended from a staff he held, and a dozen or so townsfolk fall to the ground dead from the acid rain.

Once Bulzar left, the party went back into town and questioned a local person who confirmed that that was Bulzar. Next week the party is going to prepare to cross Walworth Isle to get to Bulzar’s prison.

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