Gargantuan Sexy Hair (advertisement)

by Manuela, Zoe, Charlie, Shaylem & Alex

You have heard of Big Sexy Hair. But have you heard of Gargantuan Sexy Hair?

Our new product, by the makers of Big Sexy Hair, gives you double the sexiness. And it’s not just the hair on your head that Gargantuan Sexy Hair makes gargantuan. It’s the hair on all the parts of your body, like armpits, facial hair for all genders, back hair, nose hair, ear hair, toe hair, and… other types of hair.

And it’s even affordable too at the low low price of many lots of hundreds of dollars. And that’s not all! Buy your Gargantuan Sexy Hair now and get this free set of steak knives that cut through the thickest of overgrown, unwanted hairs.

From one of our lovely customers, Zoe as she was reading about our great deal, “Hundreds of dollars!? That’s not cheap at all! Ok never mind it comes with knives.”