Hub Adventures, March 2021

The party tracked down the robber party that stole their belongings and battled them. Avdol cast fear upon one who fled and the invisible robber was never found. After a long battle, they killed the rest of the party. But since two escaped, they decided to climb a mountain and seek shelter in a cave for a long rest.

As they were resting, the party was attacked by a Roper in the cave. It nearly killed all of the party, who were already at low hit points with no spells left. Finally after defeating the Roper, the party was able to take a long rest.

The next morning they chose to continue on the trade road to Fort Harbor. Orange and Chimpo decided to use their Cloak of Arachnidia and Wings of Flying to sneak into the tower in the castle to look for more rations, since the party was running low. They stumbled upon the King of Greyhawk who was talking with some members of the Crossed Serpents about how well the war in the Celadon Forest was going. Wisely they chose to not engage in battle. Instead, the snuck downstairs and robbed the pantry.

Meanwhile the rest of the party ran across some militia on the trade road coming back fro ma delivery at Stonefort. They successfully defeated the militia and were about to rob them when an alarm went off. Orange and Chimpo had been found out sneaking out of the castle. The entire party fled on the horses of the militia they killed, back down the trade road towards Stonefort. Soon they realized a second militia were closing in on them from the other direction. Trapped, they fled up a cliff wall to a cave.

Inside the cave Dain was kidnapped and dragged down a tunnel to an underground dwarven city. Dain agreed to battle the dwarven prince in combat. Upon defeating and beheading the dwarf, the dwarves offered safe passage through the mountain pass to the other side of the mountains. The party came out unharmed on the other side of the mountain, less than a day’s journey from Slayers Cove.

The group saw the two black dragons flying about near the seashore and tracked them to their den, which was inside a huge cave right on the shore of the Nyr Dyv Sea. They climbed up a cliff inside the cave and began to battle the dragons, who sat on a massive mound of gold, as the Thieve’s Guild in Greyhawk had promised. Soon, however, the party realized they were outmatched by the dragons and were considering fleeing from the cave.

Zombie used one of his two wish spells he got from the Deck of Many Things in Lord Silverfox’s estate. He wished for:

I wish for both dragons to fly to the other side of to the cavern, lie down to the ground, fall asleep, and have a heart attacking, killing them both without harming us, and without going into the future or into another dimension and or alternate universe and make the riches stay with us and let me emphasize we don’t get harmed in the process, ALEX.

One of the dragons had a heart attack and died. The second dragon was killed by a Bone Devil that appeared on the spot and began battling the adventurers. And the mound of treasure “stayed with them” and now follows the party wherever they go. Just as they were defeating the Bone Devil, a dozen Greyhawk Militia and a dozen Yuan-Ti Crossed Serpents showed up, thanks to the two robbers that got away from them earlier in the adventure. They knew they were going to the dragon lair and ratted them out to the militia who showed up by boat. A battle began.

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