Hub Adventures, February 2021

The party ran upstairs in Lord Silverfox’s estate, carrying Silverfox’s body, with the excuse of bringing him to his bedroom as a resting place. The party noticed that the upstairs floor was elaborately decorated with images of evil-doing and spiders and imagery of Lolth. They entered a room straight ahead at the top of the stairs to discover a room with a large, stone slab in the center of the room. Searching to the left, they found servant’s quarters. To the right they found Silverfox’s bedroom.

As they began to search the room, they heard something back in the room with the stone slab. An undead looking creature with the appearance of Silverfox himself stood on the slab and began to attack them. Inside the bedroom, the party found some gems, a golden metal material (that they later discovered gives protection against acid when worn), and two large tomes with writing in a language they did not understand but imagery of torture and monsters decorating the books.

After a long battle, the party realized they had to run away from the creature on the stone slab but the doors to the room had disappeared. Avdol cast a spell turning the party into mist, and they floated out of the room. Once outside the room, they fled the building without issue and went back to the Nymph and the Satyr, the hotel where they were staying. That evening the fortune teller came to their room, revealing that she worked for the thieve’s guild. She gave them a new assignment to head up to Slayers Cove in the mountains north of the city. There there are two black dragons that recently made their home there and are supposedly sitting on a pile of treasure. The one complication is that other adventurers are also on their way to the same quest, and so, they will have to beat them there or kill them along the way.

The party attempted to flea Greyhawk (1 on the map) before the town’s militia came looking to interrogate them for the death of Lord Silverfox. They fled towards to north gate but were spotted by guards at the City Botanical Gardens and Well. They unsuccessfully then tried to climb the city wall to the west but were again spotted by guards. They each figured out a way to climb or fly over the wall while fighting off the militia.

They fled to the rendezvous inn arranged for them by the thieves guild in Shack Town. They were brought through a secret hatch in the floor of a storage room of the inn, while the innkeeper attempted to stall the militia. They were led down a long tunnel that brought them out to a dock in the Selitan River and onto a barge. They rode away just as the militia got to the docks.

North of the city, the barge captain let them off north of Castle Greyhawk on the west bank of the river. They climbed over some steep mountains to get to the mountain pass and headed to the mine camp at Grossettgrottel (2 on the map). The camped out over night, feeling that they safely got away from the Greyhawk militia. The next morning they chose not to go through the mines to the other side of the mountains but rather, to continue up the mountain pass on the east side of the peninsula. Here the party also picked up two new adventurers, Ront the barbarian (played by Isaac) and Chinchilla the sorcerer (played by Charlie).

Half a day’s walk north, they came to a place where the mountain pass became narrow and 20-30 foot cliff walls lined both sides (3 on the map). Two stone towers stood ahead of them, one on each side of the pass. Two black half-dragons guarded each tower and began firing on them as they approached. After a long battle where many in the party became bloodied or worse, they defeated the half-dragons and looted the towers for the little that was in them. They had taken one half-dragon prisoner and questioned him to find out they he had been assigned this watchtower as a job. Ront wanted to kill the guard but Avdol and Tall Stag, being paladins of good nature, protested. Ultimately, they left the guard tied up on the mountain pass after Chinchilla threatened to fireball them all if they didn’t settle their argument.

Tired and severely injured, the party found a place to camp for the night right next to a large lake where the pass finally opened up wider again to the north (4 on the map). They went to sleep but while Avdol and Wynzorwyn were keeping watch, they noticed movement in the tents and saw the party’s belongings being carried off by unseen creatures. They went to awake the party only to discover that all of the others had been tied up.

Some of the party were able to break their ropes and ran in pursuit of the thieves. They discovered up the creek a ways, another group of adventurers who had stolen their possessions. It appears that the other adventurers had stolen their goods to slow them down so that they would get to the black dragon lair first. The party left off there after having rolled for initiative.

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