Neil Armstrong Leaves Fortune on Moon

by Charlie, Marisol, Shaylem & Alex

It was recently discovered that the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong left a fortune on the moon on his initial visit there in 1969. Elon Musk discovered it when he found a big treasure chest just sort of sitting there on the dark side of the moon. We all know that the SpaceX rocket landed on the moon last week. So, Elon Musk just happened to be there.

Musk was overjoyed to discover an iPad in the treasure chest that had on it the storage of an unrevealed amount of Bitcoin. News of this leaked when Musk brought the iPad to an Apple Store to redeem his Bitcoin and to upgrade his version of iTunes.

Elon Musk intended to use the money to make a new line of cologne called Eu de Musk for sensitive men. But the Apple repair person in his ducky pants stole the iPad and ran away. His pants fell down as he was saying, “See you later sucka.” Two seconds later, the police came and arrested the very very rich soul. And they arrested his ass (not him, just his ass). He was charged and convicted of malicious ass.

The moral of this story is: beware of the musky Elon in the Apple.

End Thee.