Hub Adventures, January 2021

Sorry, I got lazy and did not do any previous January campaign updates. After the battle at Zagig’s Bridge with the Kuo Toa pirates, the party sailed the barge to the post of Greyhawk city. Disguising Chimpo and putting the rest of the group in the Bag of Holding, they were able to sneak into the city walls.

The found the city’s Thieve’s Guild and Black Market. They spent the money they had earned from selling the platinum door on magic items and pets. A notable pet was a baby Worg Wynzorwyn obtained and notable magic items included Wings of Flying for Chimpo, a Cloak of Arachnida for Orange, and a Wand of Wonder for Tall Stag. They then picked up a side job from the Thieve’s Guild to assassinate a lord in the Garden Quarter.

But prior to taking on the assassination job, they went to go free to captured elves outside of the city grounds. They defeated several Yuan Ti sentries outside the house. After a short battle where the party surprisingly defeated the Yuan Ti in the building with ease, they freed the elves and teleported them to a safe place using the water and Celedon Forest materials provided by the elves in the tree house.

Going to Turin’s Servant Agency in the Slum Quarter, Tall Stag and Zombie got jobs at the Wheel of Gold Gambling House in the High Quarter. Chimpo used his wings to fly over the gate, Zombie and Tall Stag used their job passes, and the rest of the gang climbed back into the Bag of Holding. Once they were in the gate, they got a room at the Nymph and the Satyr. The scoped out the gambling house and successfully played several games of In-Between and Zowie Slot Variant. They impressed Lord Silverfox, the person they were hired to assassinate, and were invited to his estate the following night for a large party. The group had to quickly leave the gambling house after dead bodies were discovered in the bathroom, the fault of Orange.

The city militia knocked on their hotel door that night to question them but left after finding Lord Silverfox’s invitations and mistaking the group for nobility. The next evening they went to the party at Lord Silverfox’s estate. Some of the party decided to go to the fortune teller who was in a pink hallway off the side of the main ballroom dance floor.

They were tempted with a Deck of Many Things and several decided to take their chances. Fortunately for them, not too many bad cards were chosen. The only two of note were Chimpo’s who drew both a card that will have a demon attack him at some later point in the game and a card that had the DM’s NPC of choosing become his mortal enemy that he must defeat alone to go up a level. The most notable good cards drawn were two wish spells drawn by Zombie (who has yet to use them) and a card that gave Avdol 10,000 XP, putting him up to 6th level.

Upon leaving the fortune teller, Lord Silverfox appeared and immediately went mad, attempting to kill Chimpo. It turns out that the NPC enemy chosen by his card was the Lord himself. After a fierce battle in which Chimpo nearly died, he ended up killing Lord Silverfox and going up to 6th level as well. What started out as a misfortune ended up being a good excuse, since Silverfox’s actions of starting to attack first was a good cover up for the assassination.

The party left off at the death of Silverfox and intend to next try to rob his estate before the authorities arrive.

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