Hub Adventures December 11 & 18, 2020

The party rested in the inn that evening. They headed down to the restaurant downstairs while the four prisoners they rescued slept in their room. When the party came back to the room, they discovered two assassins in their room and the spiders on the platinum door that stole had come to life. The spiders had pinned down and bitten the prisoners until they died. The party battled the assassins, killing one and sending the other running back out into the night.

The next day they sold the platinum door to the city for 12,000 G.P. But there was soon a knock at their door. The innkeeper said there were Crossed Serpent militia outside waiting for them. When they opened the door, they discovered three yuan-ti holding a knife to the innkeeper’s neck.

Avdol cast hold person on the one with the knife while the rest of the party battled the remaining yuan-ti. In one powerful round, they were able to kill the three yuan-ti before they even had a chance to attack back.

Downstairs they discovered that inn was surrounded by yuan-ti guards. They were also trapped indoors, since it was broad daylight outside and their skin still had the sickness that had them light on fire when sunlight falls upon them. Just at that moment, an elf teleported into the room and told them to follow his orders, as they were in great danger.

The party barricaded themselves behind overturned tables in the center of the restaurant while the elf cast a spell. The spell consisted of a white powder that encircled them all that the elf lit on fire. He then opened an empty cylinder and muttered some words while “pouring” out what looked like nothing. Finally, the elf grab the bowl of soup he had teleported in from and dropped some liquid into it. He then instructed the party to climb into the soup.

They obeyed his command and found themselves one by one teleported through the soup. Orange witnessed the elf block arrows and fall to the ground and die to save the party from being attacked as they entered the soup. On the other side, the portal closed and they realized that their skin had been cured of the smokey darkness.

They were back in the vine tower hideout of the elves. The elves quickly explained that the teleportation they had been doing recently comes from three natural ingredients in the Celadon forest: the white powder is the the ask from a White Ash tree, the empty bottles is the captured wind of the forest, and the liquid is the tears of a Dryad. Combined together with the spell performed, it allows one the ability to teleport through a liquid. Used in the underworld and it turns one into a creature of Lolth. The Lolth followers and the Crossed Serpents were raiding the forest in order to get the ingredients, enabling them to both teleport and turn creatures into followers of Lolth.

However, the teleportation can be tracked, which is how the elves knew where they were and also how the Crossed Serpents now knew where the elven hideout is located. The entire base was able to evacuate just before a militia of perhaps one hundred mounted yuan-ti raided the vine hideout and burned it to the ground. Meanwhile, the elves brought the party to the river for another mission.

Giving them materials enough to teleport a large party, they instructed them to hideout on a barge humans were steering up the river to Greyhawk. They are to sneak in to the city and go to an address given to them. They need to break into an elven hideout that has been surrounded and to teleport the elves inside to safety. Meanwhile, the party is interested in going to the thieves guild and finding a magic black market where they can now spend their fortune from having sold the platinum door on more magic items.

However, near Zagig’s Bridge, Kuo Toa pirates raided the barge and murdered the captain onboard. They were about to light the barge on fire when the party engaged them. After a long battle where Chimpo was knocked unconscious and others were severely injured, they party killed the pirates and took hold of the barge once more.

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