Hub Adventures December 4, 2020

The party began to battle the hairy drow and the dozen giant spiders in the dining room. Things immediately started going poorly for the campaign. Chimpo heard a voice in his head and realized he was being commanded to attack his teammates. The giant spiders bit and poisoned multiple members of the team. Avdol and Tall Stag ran into the door to the left to see if there was a way out, and they discovered that the room was a kitchen filled with drow elves preparing a meal.
Chimpo was knocked unconscious and Tall Stag was also taken under the control of the hairy drow creature. Despite having Celeste the celestial with them, they seemed to be out numbered and about to die.

Then Orange decided to drink the black soup on the table before them. He turned black and disappeared from the room. One by one the others drank the soup and also disappeared. Celeste fed the soup to unconscious Chimpo. Avdol forced the soup into Tall Stag’s mouth. The party woke up in the forest outside the Tumbled Tower. They were under a large tree in the shade during a bright, sunny afternoon. Tall Stag and Chimpo were no longer under the command of the drow. The wood elf prisoners they had rescued soon joined them, having also drank the soup. And luckily for the party, they brought with them the platinum door they had tried to steal. But the entire party except Celeste had darkened skin now.

Wynzorwyn began to walk out into the sunlight and his flesh went on fire. After paying Celeste for information they discovered that the soup had partially poisoned them and put them under the spell of Lolth. This made them susceptible to sunlight. And so, the party took an undisturbed and much needed long rest under the shade of the tree. At night then ventured away from the tower and back towards Ford Keep.

At the bridge crossing the river, Avdol and Wynzorwyn stumbled and made a noise, alerting the bridge guards in the tower. Along with Celeste, they easily defeated the yuan ti guards and ran on across the bridge to meet the others. They approached the gate of Ford Keep at 2am and persuaded the guards to let them enter the city, despite their odd skin tone. They bribed the innkeeper with an extra silver piece each and collapsed safely into their beds at the inn. Their intention is to sell the platinum door tomorrow and to find a cure for their sickness.

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