Hub Adventures November 27, 2020

The party decided to search the cathedral after killing the drider. They found nothing at the main entrance and the altar. In the balcony, Chimpo played the organ and began hearing a clanging noise behind a wall. It seemed to be coming from under the altar. After attempting to smash open the floor, they realized that the altar could swivel open.

Beneath the altar was a pit with four starved wood elves from the Celadon forest. They told the party how they had been captured and how the forest is under terrible war. They had been captured and forced to work in mines. After a while they were taken and put in this small pit. One by one a member of the group was taken out of the pit. They could hear cheering and organ music above and the prisoner would never return. They estimated they were probably underground for a week.

After feeding them, the group had them join them to venture forward. Through the double doors beneath the balcony with the organ they found a slowly inclining hallway beautifully decorated with imagery of elven wars and spiders. At the top was another set of double doors made out of platinum that must be worth a fortune. The party worked at the door and broke it from its hinge to steal it.

But with the door missing, the room behind was revealed. A huge round table missing the center to form the shape of an “O” took up the room. In the center one could peer down and see the cylinder spider webs from the ceiling of the cathedral below. A man sat at the table calmly inviting them to come eat the black soup in front of them. Orange took a sip of the soup and began to feel sick.

The man looked like a drow but has a hairy black fur all over his skin. He laughed and invited them to sit and have food and to join him in conquering the Celadon forest. He offered to make them rulers over the land if they would him him wipe out the magic from the forest. The group refused to help him, and slowly spiders climbed up the web in the center of the room entering.

Avdol prepared his Deva for battle, the others drew weapons. We rolled initiative. Next week the battle will begin.

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