Hub Adventures November 13, 2020

The party battled the drider in the cathedral for the entire adventure today. By the end of the battle, Zombie was unconscious bleeding to death; Chimpo, Orange, and Wynzorwyn were all paralyzed; Avdol spent the entire fight summoning a celestial to help; and Tall Stag was left to battle the drider alone. Tall Stag dealt the final blow, with one round left before the celestial was summoned and close to the end of the party’s lives. The drider fell from the ceiling, where it had been hiding in spider webs, shooting down arrows and spells.

Avdol summoned a Deva that healed all of the wounds of the party, undoing the poison that was in their bloodstreams. On the drider they found a prayer book to Lolth that contained notes about places ransacked and a list of names of people enslaved by the drider. They also found a set of keys. They cut open the body and Avdol took silk from the spider, Wynzorwyn drained the fangs for some poison.

Around the room they found four chalices, two made from gold, two made from ivory. Under the balcony in the back is a set of double doors. There is also the balcony, the alter, the organ, and the spider web ceiling. The adventure will pick up here next time.

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