Hub Adventures October 30, 2020

The party went back down the hallway in the tunnels they are stuck in and discovered two more sets of jail cells. They released about thirty prisoners altogether, mostly wood elves, but also some duergar. All of the prisoners were starving and weak. Continuing down the hallways they came to an intersection. Straight ahead the hallway continued on level into darkness. To the right the hall slopes down into a bright area with the blue torches they have seen.
To the left was short hallway with two doors. Listening at the left door they heard many voices speaking in a drow dialect of elvish. And so, the party chose to not enter that room. To the right they found a storage closet. Using Windwalker, they turned into clouds and slipped under the door. Back in solid form, the rummages through the closet and found cram on shelves. In storage lockers in the back they also found all of their own equipment as well as equipment from the prisoners.

They went back out into the hallway and equipped and few the prisoners and easily defeated two more prison guards. They then decided to following the descending hallway to the right at the intersection. The hallway quickly widened and became beautifully carved steps. Entering an enormous underground cavern, they saw an enormous stalagmite hanging from the ceiling with a giant mouth carved into it as an entranceway. Using the rope of climbinb Chimpo has, they were able to scale up to the mouth. Two massive iron doors carved with images of terror stood before them. Tall Stag opened the doors and they entered an enormous cathedral.

Ahead of them was a sacrificial table as an alter, massive columns on the left and right created a center hall down towards it. Huge stone seats faced the altar. Above them a cone shaped ceiling contained a beautiful pattern of massive spider webs. Organ music could be heard from the far right. And a balcony stood above the altar.

The music stopped and a huge drider left the organ and approached them. Chimpo and Wynzorwyn became paralyzed and in their heads, the rest heard, “Welcome to my lair.” Avdol was able to use lesser restoration to free Chimpo, but Wynzorwyn remained paralyzed. And so, the party decided to engage in combat with the drider. The battle began and will be continued in the next adventure.

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