Hub Adventures October 9, 2020

The party spent a long while negotiating with the only town jeweler in Ford keep to get a good price for the thirty opals they found among the pile of dead at the trolls’ campsite. When they could not, they headed to the town stronghold to see if they could sell them there. Inside an elven representative identified the opals as treasure stolen from Ford Keep and asked for them back. All but Zombie gave some of the opals back to the town, who thanked them and said they would one day be repaid for their honesty and generosity. Zombie went back to the jeweler and sold most of his opals there.

Later, the group followed the directions given to them and went south east of the small, walled in town to look for a clump of trees on a hill. They did so and entered the woods. The trees were very tall with no low down branches, the thick canopy of the overhead trees made the ground dark and soft, covered with leaves. In the middle of the small wood, they found the long vines described to them. They entered the vines and soon became entangled in them. The vines pulled them up to a bright light above. They realized they were now in an elven hideout way up at the top of the trees. They were invited in and given a meal in celebration of their alliance.

The leader of the elven group described to them the recent news. The Pomarj had grown strong in the NyrDyv and sent ships into the posts of Celadon forest. They started slashing and burning the northern part of the forest where this party called home. All of the elves and woodland creatures had fled the area, south of the trade road that crosses Broadwater in the west, Copperstead in the middle, and Woodwych in the east. Reportedly, both the Dutchy and County of Urnst have surrendered to the Pomarj who were helped by the Shield Lands from the north of NyrDyv. Since Greyhawk seems to be in alliance with the Pomarj and is too strong to try to take, that only leaves the Kingdom of Furyondy to the west as a hope against the insurgence and as a way to save their homeland in the Celadon Forest.

However, the elves asked that the party not head on to Furyondy but rather help locally with an entrance from the underworld that was recently discovered. Apparently a deep dungeon reportedly nine levels deep resides below the Tumbled Tower, less than a day west of Ford Keep. The party was asked and agreed to go as scouts to find out more of what is going on there. They set out the next morning equipped from the elves with two potions of healing each and a week’s worth of rations.

They were told to not take the trade road to the north, as it is guarded by Yuan Ti militia. Instead, they followed Harrow Creek to the tower. Just as they could see the tower above them out of the valley to the north, they heard singing to the south west in the creek. They decided to follow the music and were drawn in to a nest of alluring harpies. Various members of the party were charmed and brought in to the trap. We left off in the midst of a battle where Tall Stag has just used Wrathful Smite to scare one of the harpies away. The adventure picks up here next week.

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