Exposed: Rat Worm Lung Disease

By Charlie, Shaylem, Zoe & Alex

Wednesday night there was a debate between the two candidates for Vice Presidency. One of the two debaters, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris revealed that President Trump does not have the Coronavirus. He actually has the infamous Rat Worm Lung Disease, which is caught by licking snails. Does he actually have a snail licking addiction that the public is not aware of? Because if so, the public needs to know. The public needs to be aware if the President is licking snails.

Mike Pence immediately denied these accusations. But just then, a small bug that looked oddly like the dead author Franz Kafka landed on the Vice President’s head. Even though Pence obviously felt the bug, he clearly tried to ignore it so as not to make a fool of himself. Then there was a defeated expression on Pence’s face and he admitted that Trump is in fact not ill with the Coronavirus but is infected with Rat Worm Lung Disease.

Pence then admitted that he as well has Rat Worm Lung Disease and the audience ran away screaming. But the bug on his head remained for the rest of his miserable life. The End but the bug lived happily ever after and don’t worry, the bug is okay.