Hub Adventures September 25, 2020

The adventurers wake up after a painful night of rest (1. on the map) from defeating the Will O’ Wisps and walk across the north side of the stream to the dirt path northward. They walked along the path until they came to a broken down wooden bridge with a deep chasm down to a stream (2. on the map). They used the rope of climbing to lower Chimpo and two of the horses down to the stream when Chimpo heard noises.

Two trolls attacked and carried away one of the horses while the other horse fled and Chimpo hid in the stream. The rest of the party climbed down the rope and attacked the trolls. A bloody battle ensued where the trolls kept lying and regenerating. One arm was cut off a troll by Wynzorwyn but the arm kept on attacking. After much damage done particularly by Tall Stag, the party realized that Chimpo’s acid splash attack stopped the trolls from regenerating, and they were able to defeat both trolls and the severed arm. Zombie and Orange were both knocked unconscious in the battle, but the paladins used lay on hands to bring them back to low health levels.

Looking over the campsite of the trolls, they found their horse injured to a point where they had to kill it put it out of its misery. They found the run away horse upstream and lowered the final two horses down to the stream. As they were about to depart, Avdol put out the fire and noticed something in a pile of bones next to the troll hut. It turned out to be a box of beautiful black gems. The party took the box and were able to get up the other side of the cliff without issue.

Back on the dirt path, they found a bridge that let them cross back to the eastern side of the Selintan River. The bridge was unguarded and the party was able to cross and make it up to Ford Keep (3. on the map) without further incident. Inside the town walls, a celebration was held in their honor as the town had heard the news from Two Ford of their recovery of some of the elves they helped escape from jail in Two Ford. The town gem cutter told them the box of black stones were opals worth a good 1500 – 3000 gold pieces! But rather than sell them, he told them they should offer them as a gift to the elves of the secret stronghold to the south east of the town walls. He told them to go into the cluster of trees and to look for hanging vines. When they pass through the vines they will find the magical elven stronghold.

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