Rat Worm Lung Disease = Coronavirus??!

by Charlie
Is the Coronavirus actually Rat Worm Lung Disease? And has the Coronavirus been rampant since the year of 2017? Technically it is Covid-17?

Coronavirus is the new threat to humanity being a very bad disease that affects the lungs, much like Rat worm Lung Disease. Is it possible that Coronavirus is actually Rat Worm Lung Disease?

Lets look at the specifics of Rat Worm Lung Disease: it has a funny name, you get it by licking slug (slug licker), it paralyzes you, and it let’s you slowly die over the course of several months.

Now let’s look at the specifics of Coronavirus: it does not have a funny name, you do not get it by licking slugs, it does not paralyze you, and it eats your lungs for breakfast.

Huh, well, there aren’t really many similarities between the two. Well, it’s still a good conspiracy theory. Servant, publish it now!