Hub Adventures September 18, 2020

The adventurers all woke upĀ  in a field after a terrible night only to realize they were nearly out of rations. And so, they went down to the tower at the bridge to look for food. However, when they got there they discovered that some militia from the crossed snakes were at the tower investigating the murder of the guards from the day before. As they tried to sneak up, their stealthy rogue Chimpo tripped over a root, giving away their location (at 1. on the map).

After a quick battle, the party easily defeated the small militia, searched the tower, refilled their arrows, stole their horses which had half a day’s rations, and left. Crossing the bridge, they realized there was another tower on the other side, and so, they decided to go fishing on the bridge to look for more food (why oh why would you do that?!) On the east side of the river, they could see the dust from a caravan of horses approaching, and so, the party went west to the tower, only to be challenged by the guards there. After pushing through the guards and taking much damage, the party was able to hide in the woods to the west of the bridge (at 2. on the map).

After a few hours, they decided to press their luck and ride north through the plains. They realized they needed to ride around the stream to the north, and so, they went further west into the woods at a small valley. There they successfully hinted for some small game, made a small fire, and decided to camp out for the night.

Unfortunately, the stars got brighter and closer, and they realized their campsite was being attacked by a small group of Will O’Wisps from the forest. They killed them off but nearly lost the lives of both Chimpo and Zombie to the Wisps, who can consume the lives of the unconscious. Finally defeating the creatures, the party rested the night.

They are left a long way away (at 3. on the map) and on the wrong side of the river from Ford Keep, where they were intending to ride, with less than a day’s rations among them.

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