Hub Adventures September 4, 2020

The sorcerer elf that came to visit the adventurers in the plains advised the party to head north out of town to go find an elf stronghold in Ford Keep, a couple of days ride from where they were. He told them that just south of Ford Keep is a small wood where there is a camp of elves who will help them out. He told them they could also go into Ford Keep itself, a small walled village that is sympathetic to the resistance. When the sorcerer departed he invited Oof Duh to join him to train with other sorcerers who are starting a magical army against the Pomarj invasion. And so, the party big Oof Duh and the sorcerer farewell. But before he left, the sorcerer also introduced Tallstag (a character Oliver is running), a female paladin human who would be useful to the party in their next part of the journey.

The party wisely decided to avoid the bridge that crosses there Eyr River, since that would require heading back into Two Ford, where they were wanted. Instead, they drover straight north and crosses the river by swimming. They unhitched their wagon and steered their horses successfully through the strong current of the river. On the other side Zombie (Harlan) pulled two patches from his Robe of Useful Items and created two more riding horses with saddle bags. The elves and other smaller party members doubled up on the horses and the aasimar and human rode their own horses.

They decided to take a slower path through the plains and to stay off the trade road. As dusk approached, they saw light from lanterns and torches ahead, and the party decided to investigate. They saw the Pomarj flag with a bright yellow background and two crossing green snakes flying from a tower that overlooked a bridge that crosses the Selintan River to their west. The adventurers decided to engage in battle and found themselves up against a Yuan-Ti Abomination and two Yuan-Ti Malison on foot at the entrance to the bridge. In the tower were four human archers.

After a very long and bloody battle, all of the party fell but Chimpo (Shaylem). At one hit point, he amazingly was able to defeat the last of the archers, bind the wounds of his friends, and pile them onto the backs of their horses. Afraid that there were more guards in the tower or nearby, he led the horses out into the plains as night fell and found a safe spot to take a long rest.

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