Hub Adventures August 28, 2020

We picked up where we left off last week, which was not looking very good for the adventurers. Shaylem was floating down stream clutching onto a wooden crate (hoping it held gold until he realized it would not float if it did!) Charlie is alone battling a mimic in the hull of the boat as it is sinking and burning. The rest of the party is on land, battling humans and the Yuan-Ti who were coming off the boat due to the fire.

Shaylem was able to paddle the crate over to a sandbar / small bit of land in the river sticking out. After a struggle, he was able to open the crate, which was filled with poison snakes. Fortunately he was able to hurl it into the river downstream, but nonetheless, it wasn’t very good pillaging.

The group on the land battled with many humans and Yuan-Ti both with melee and ranged weapons. After killing a bunch, they jumped in their wagon and fled town going south, realizing there were too many for them to hold off any longer.

Poisonous snakes added to the mix in the hull of the ship, and it was looking like it was the end for Charlie. Just then, an elf appeared and shot a bolt of light from his finger, killing the mimic. He ordered to Charlie to help sink the boat more and fended off the poisonous snakes while they did so. They were bitten several times but fortunately neither was poisoned. Soon enough the elf pointed out where the treasure was hidden, and they loaded the treasure into a bag of holding the elf was carrying. They fled up the stairs to the deck and realized the only way out was by jumping in the river. Charlie jumped in and realized that the elf with all of the treasure was missing.

The party in the fleeing wagon took some arrows and Oof Duh was knocked unconscious, the rest were not in much better shape, but they were able to escape the humans and Yuan-ti who were not prepared for a horse draw exit and were on foot. Along the way, they met both Shaylem and Charlie who had been washed down the river in the same southward direction. The group decided to camp without a fire in the plains where they first entered this campaign.

That night a shadowy figure approached them. they did not attack, and it is a good thing, since it was the mysterious elf from the boat. He brought them treasure (250 gold pieces each!), gave them potions of healing, and a magic item each. Harlan was given a Robe of Useful Items (with 12 patches), Shaylem a Rope of Climbing, Oliver a Necklace of Prayer Beads (5 magical beads), Charlie a Bag of Holding.

The elf suggested they leave Two Ford, where they were now very much wanted for all of the trouble they have caused throughout this adventure. He suggested they head up to Ford Keep, which reportedly has been taken back by the elves from the Pomarj, who had occupied it earlier in the war. From there, he suggested either heading into Greyhawk or looking for adventure in the Tumbled Tower. Exhausted and badly injured, they all slept on the plains that night for a long rest and decided to pick back up the adventure from there next week.

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