Hub Adventures August 21, 2020

The party went into the farm house to hide from the militia. As they were eating dinner, the head elf they rescued pulled out a map (see below) that was handed to him in prison and told the rest about it. Apparently orcs from the Pomarj were docked in the port of Two Ford. Rumor has it the hull was filled with gold to bribe the city of Greyhawk for safe passage up the Selintan River. The plan was to take a long rest at the farm house and in the morning to go try to steal the boat, steal the gold, or sink the boat.

But the party became suspicious as the farmer instructed his family to head out the door of the house, explaining they would sleep in the barn that night. The head elf took a bite of food and fell over, clearly poisoned. The head farmer tried to escape out the front door but was caught by the team. They tied him up and questioned him. He explained that he simply was doing what the Brotherhood of the Serpents instructed him to do; kill any elves who came to him for safe passage or hiding. They spared the farmer’s life and left him tied up.

After a long rest, they stole the farmer’s wagon and clothes and headed down to the docks disguised as farmers heading into town. The disguise worked and the party pulled up near the docks to scope out the scene. Oof Duh cast invisibility on Shaylem who walked the gang plank of the ship. Charlie successfully swam to the ship and climbed the side of it onto the deck. Together they went in search of the hull.

Seeing that it was well guarded, they started two fires on the deck as a distraction and Oof Duh cast darkness near the stairs down to the hull. Charlie and Shaylem battled one remaining orc at the door to the hull and successfully killed him. Meanwhile Oliver, Oscar, Harlan, Oof Duh, and the two remaining prisoner elves shot arrows at the mast trying to set the boat on fire. They did so successfully but drew attention to themselves and had to battle three human guards near the entrance to the dock.

Meanwhile Shaylem and Charlie searched the hull. Using the great axe of the orc they killed, Charlie was able to break a small hole in the side of the boat. As water came pouring in, Shaylem was able to successfully steal a wooden crate. He ran up the stairs and jumped into the river with it. The crate, being made of wood, floated Shaylem down stream. Meanwhile, Charlie tried to open the treasure chest only to find out that it was a trap and was really a mimic. The boat is burning and sinking, all of the guards are on high alert. We will pick up here next week!

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