Hub Adventures August 7, 2020

The party decided to have Shaylem and Oof Duh sneak into the courthouse to watch the trial of the elves. Within fifteen minutes it became clear that the trial was rigged and the four elves, including the leader of the hideout were sentenced to death. They were to be hung in the town square outside the jail and courthouse that afternoon.

Harlan cast a guiding bolt on the window of the hall from the courthouse to the jail in an attempt to break in and save the elves. His plan worked, and they were able to enter the hall. Oof Duh cast darkness on the end of the hall toward the jail to slow down guards from entering. A long battle ensued where four yuan-ti guards were finally killed, but not before one of them was able to kill one of the elf prisoners.

Oof Duh cast darkness on the hall towards the court house as people began to enter the battle. The group was able to escape the hall just in time as many more guards started to show up. They piled into their wagon and began to escape. The guards were able to fire one round of arrows at the wagon, but everyone managed to stay alive as they fled town.

The group decided to ride east out of town and to listen to one of the elf prisoners who said he knew someone in the poor quarter of town that would hide them. The plan worked and they were able to hide the wagon behind a pile of hay on the side of a barn. They all entered the home of a family sympathetic to the elves to take a much needed rest. The plan is to leave town for a while and to search for the drow elves to see if they will help them in their battle against the yuan-ti and humans.

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