Hub Adventures July 31, 2020

Today the party loaded up the wagon with all of the weapons, armor, and supplies from the mansion. They tried using the Sending Stone Oof Duh (the dragonborn spy who was known ad “Luz”) had to talk with the elves back at the hideout to tell them they were coming, but they got no response. The party, including Oof Duh and the six elves saved from the prison walked behind the wagon while Oliver drove it (since he has animal handling proficiency). They went down the trade road and at an intersection came across two humans on a wagon. Oliver used his persuasion to convince them that he was bringing the elves to the town jail.

Down the road further they saw those two people again, pulled off to the side speaking to four militia in an official town militia wagon. The party engaged in battle with the militia and defeated them, despite being at low health from no rest. They hid the bodies and took the additional militia wagon to the elven hideout. When they got there, unsurprisingly, they discovered that it had been raided, many of the elves were dead and some were missing (according to Oof Duh who was familiar with who lived there).

After taking a long rest at the hideout, they pretended to be prisoners and have Oof Duh drive them in the militia wagon over the town bridge. They got across without incident and using a map they got off the militia were able to find the jail and courthouse. They proceeded to the courthouse and saw that many people were entering.

Here is a simple map of Two Ford and where the adventurers have been so far:

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