Coronavirus Actually Trump’s Sibling

by Charlie, Marisol, Oliver, Shaye, Shaylem, Zoe & Alex

Scientists believe from recent studies that the Coronavirus is Donald Trump’s long lost sibling. They discovered this through a means of time travel. Scientists traveled into the future and through several studies got a hint. The Coronavirus is bald and Donald Trump is also bald under his toupee, and therefore, they must be siblings scientists concluded.

Trump refused to wear a mask himself but wanted other people to wear a mask so he could spread his siblings to others. And then the scientists discovered that actually the coronavirus and Trump are aliens (because under his fake tan Trump’s skin is green). The government is hiding this, but if you get the Coronavirus, your skin turns green. And in the future, the aliens took over the planet because everyone died from skin Trumperizing, a side effect of the Coronavirus.

There’s also a rare case where you turn into a monkey. When the scientists came back from the future and reported this to the present day, they told us to try not to become monkeys. Stay safe and no monkey business.