Hub Adventures July 17, 2020

The party left the wagon hidden off the trail and snuck around back of the house through the woods. Harlan was spotted by a guard and the party ended up in combat with him. A second guard heard a cry of help from the wolf-like creature and did not believe Oliver when he tried to pretend to be the voice of the first guard.

After defeating the second guard, Oliver, Shaylem, and Charlie went up to the back door of the house through the screened in porch while Oscar and Harlan hid behind the stable. No one was in the kitchen, and so, the group searched it. The left door led to a pantry full of food, which the group pilfered from. Heading right down the hallway they came upon ten goblins eating dinner. Taken by surprise, the party was able to kill all of the goblins and take the last one prisoner. However, they party all took a lot of damage and are very weak. Charlie used his potion of healing, Oliver healed himself with his divine healing for the day.

When questioned, the guard who surrendered told the group that there are prisoners in the basement. The group intends to have the captive lead them down there.

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