Hub Adventures June 26, 2020

You battled two goblins riding on large wolf-like creatures that came from the direction of Two Ford, obviously looking for you.

Killed them, skinned the creatures and took the meat. The goblins had the same two green snakes insignia on their uniforms as the militia man in town. You had a long rest out in the plains. Entered Two Ford, spoke with a man at the docks who asked for a bribe to take you across the river. You decided instead to have Charlie try to pay the toll to get across the bridge. The toll guard asked Charlie to remove his hood and saw his ears. Six more guards came out of the booth. Charlie threw one of them into the river. When he saw he was surrounded, he jumped in the river himself. 1/4 mile down stream, he came out on the other side of the river. The others are hiding on the near side of the bridge.

Categories: D&D