Hub Adventures July 3, 2020

Shaylem disguised himself and crossed the bridge undetected. On the otherwise he met up with Charlie. The others paid the boatman to ferry them across the river. As they got to the other side, Shaylem and Charlie noticed there were guards searching the boats.

To create a distraction, they set fire to a nearby stable. Unfortunately, one of the guards noticed Harlan, and so, a battle began. Harlan, Oscar, and Charlie killed the two guards and three hostile fishermen. Meanwhile, Oliver and Shaylem went into town up the hill to look for the friendly inn. Oliver used Divine Sense to detect the right inn. Shaylem twirled an oak leaf as he entered the inn. The innkeeper noticed the leaf and invited them into the kitchen, where they were told to run out the back door and to get into a wagon. They were taken to an elf hideout outside of town. Meanwhile, Charlie, Oscar, and Harlan fled to the woods to the south. They were followed by four goblins with dogs that smelled them out. They climbed a tree and successfully defeated the goblins, although Harlan was knocked unconscious. They were then surrounded by figures and realized they were outnumbered, and so, they dropped their weapons. The figures turned out to be elves who were looking for them. The group jumped into the back of a nearby wagon and took off down a trail while the sound of search dogs in the distance could be heard. They were also brought to the elf hideout, where they were reunited with Shaylem and Oliver.

Categories: D&D