Hub Adventures July 10, 2020

Please note: This campaign is using the essential Greyhawk 576 CY map found on the wonderful Anna B Meyer website. References to the locations here can be found on those maps.

Safe inside the elven hideout to the west of Two Ford, the elves explain what has been going on in the world and the area. The Pomarj, backed by the demons of the underworld launched an attack by the Sea of Gearnat on the nation states north of them, first invading the Fairie Kingdom of Celene to the west. The fairies warned the other nations. By surprise, the Dutchy or Urnst and the Celadon Forest, which was your elven homeland, were invaded from the north through the Nyr Dyv sea, which sent you out on this expedition in the first place (to go get help from the Kingdom of Furyondy to the west). The elves in the hideout explain that this is because the humans in Greyhawk seem to have struck a deal with the Pomarj and are letting them pass up the Selintan River past Greyhawk, allowing passage into the northern sea, making easy access for the Pomarj to your homeland. It has become clear that this small port of Two Ford is an important battle to win, as it is the last point that has not been taken over that could block access to the river and the sea to the north.

And so, the elves have enlisted your help to secure the area to the west, their homeland, before you move on to your quest to seek help from Furyondy. Dragonborn have been known to align with the serpentine enemy leaders, but there have been spies among their ranks, helping the elven allies and friends. You all agreed to help them retrieve a dragonborn spy who is believed to be taken captive at Lockswell Manor, half a day’s ride to the south west, just in the woods. Upon exiting for the adventure, you were surprise attacked by the goblin militia that was hunting for Harlan, Oscar, and Charlie for last week’s adventure. You successfully killed them all but found a sending stone on one of them and fear that they may have given away the location of the elven hideout.

After healing up, you made it to Lockswell Manor without incident and hid your wagon off the main trail. Shaylem used his stealth to sneak up on the manor, which is up a hill in clearing. Outside the back, there’s a stable with a stack of dead horses and dead people, presumably all elves. Sentient goblins on those wolf-like creatures patrol the grounds. Shaylem was able to sneak onto the back porch and look in the window of the kitchen, where he saw two goblins cooking. He reported back to the group, hiding back off the trail with the wagon. Your mission is to kill everyone in the manor, to rescue the dragonborn spy, and to try to retrieve his sending stone.

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