Eighth Ave Brooklyn Chinatown During Coronavirus

By Shaye

Here are two photos I found online of Eighth Avenue Brooklyn Chinatown not during coronavirus.

The first photo is from this website. The second from this one.


Here are two that I took a few weeks ago during coronavirus. (I wrote this on May 5th.)













Big difference, right? Usually, its bustle, bustle, bustle, hustle, hustle, hustle. And there are a lot of street vendors selling armadillo and flavored roasted peanuts and crazy stuff like that. And there are a lot of delicious restaurants that sell delicious Chinese food. If you heard the stereotype that Chinese people eat swallow nest its not 100 percent true. And if they do eat them, then they’re really expensive. So basically, what I’m trying to say is that they don’t eat them every day for dinner.

During the coronavirus, though, there are something very, very strange things going on. Like little groceries that usually have fruit and stuff like that outside on stands and then you have to go inside and buy it. Now they’re doing window service. And also, some laundromats have started selling masks and hand sanitizer. It is really empty now. And the trash cans aren’t overflowing. They usually are over overflowing.