Magazine Review of The Week Junior

By Shaye

This magazine is for kids approximately ages 8 to 14, who like news. It just started up and is very fun to read.

I give it a billion stars. It is a magazine for curious kids who love facts. I like it because it is the grown-up magazine for kids. It’s real facts and there’s no fiction. The photos are fun. And I like all the amazing facts in there.

For example did you know that artists turned an Indonesian village into artwork by painting different colors on the rooftops? And that people in India can now see the Himalayas because there is less air pollution to due to coronavirus?

It comes every week. The one thing I don’t like about it is how fragile it is. I turn the page and it rips. I think it’s a lot more fragile than all the other magazines I’ve ever gotten in my life. To learn more, click here.