Talking About Thanksgiving, Apple Gazette: November 2019 Issue

by Marisol

An interview with Shaylem.

Marisol: Hello. I will be interviewing Shaylem today. Shaylem, do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Shaylem: Yes.

Marisol: Why do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Shaylem: My parents make me.

Marisol: Next question. Why do you eat mashed potatoes, turkey and green beans?

Shaylem: Because they taste good, and that’s what people ate when they first landed here.

Marisol: OK. Next question. Do you know the true story of Thanksgiving?

Shaylem: Vaguely, yes.

Marisol: Where are you going to spend Thanksgiving this year?

Shaylem: Usually I spend it at my grandmother and grandfather’s house up in Virginia, but this year I’m doing it at my aunt’s house.

Marisol: Nice.

Shaylem: Here in Seagate..? Yes, in Seagate. [we think that is a town?]

Marisol: Do you think that Thanksgiving is important?

Shaylem: I mean, it’s not necessary, but I know it’s just kind of celebrating Earth.

Marisol: Ok. I have something to say. Do you have any questions?

Shaylem: Yes. Why do we slaughter turkeys?

Marisol: That’s so awesome and a great question, but I just don’t know. I think because they taste good and most people like them.

Shaylem: I’m not arguing the fact.

Shaylem: But.. Marisol just dropped the phone, again. This is the second time. My God. What was that?

Marisol: Give it back!

Shaylem: Oh, my God.

Marisol: Thank you. Thank you. This was a really interesting interview. Bye.