Role Playing Games at Apple, Apple Gazette: November 2019 Issue

by Oliver

Oliver interviews Mia about the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons and then Alex about the new to Brooklyn Apple Academy Wild West role playing game Boot Hill.

Oliver: This is an interview with Oliver and Mia about role playing games. We’re starting with Dungeons and Dragons. All right, Mia, what’s your most commonly played character
Mia: Misty Moon Whisper. I have two characters named that, but I’m talking about the level five one. The other is level eight. But I use the level five one more often because I do a Dungeons and Dragons course here at Brooklyn Apple on Tuesdays.
Oliver: What class and race is it?
Mia: Both my characters are elf druids.
Oliver: What’s your favorite part about D&D?
Mia: I love how you can be a completely different person and do an adventure with other people that are completely different. It really brings people together.
Oliver: So about D&D. What do you think the best part of making a character is?
Mia: I like how you can invent a completely new person for yourself, as I’ve already said. It’s really nice that you can be magical or non-magical, female or male. Sometimes when you’re done, you can’t even tell that it’s you.
Oliver: All right. Thank you for letting me interview you.

Oliver: Hi. Oliver here interviewing Alex. Alex, we’re gonna be interviewing you about Boot Hill. What is your favorite aspect about Boot Hill?
Alex: I like that it’s a fast paced game. I like the fact that you can die in the game pretty easily. I think that it’s kind of fun. It’s different than a lot of the other role playing games we play where your characters live on forever and become invincible.
Oliver: What’s your favorite type of character?
Alex: I always like to play the big, dumb, strong guy who sort of bullies his way in and kicks the door down.
Oliver: What’s your favorite weapon in Boot Hill?
Alex: The two shot derringer is my favorite because I like being able to stick it in your boot, even though it is wimpy.
Oliver: What type of people do you like to play with the most?
Alex: Oh, I like the people who go and rob the banks [laughing].
Oliver: [giggles] All right. That’s the interview with Alex on Boot Hill.