The Oompa Loompas Rebel

When the Oompa Loompas get hypnotized by the Mega Oompa Loompa, the kids as well as Winona Wonka have to save them. But before they get the Mega Oompa Loompa they gorge on some chocolate. But the Mega Oompa Loompa drugged the chocolate so they fall asleep and wake in jail. But then Slugworth comes along and helps them out. They fight the Mega Oompa Loompa and live happily ever after… or so they thought…

Winona Wonka: Thal
Charlie: Sal
Mike TV: Alex
Veruca Salt: Marcella
Augustus Galoop: Kai
Oompa Loompas: Shaylem, Amadea, Harlan, Ally
Mega Oompa Loompa: Alex
Slugworth: Christian
Arms dealer: Dan
Story: Oliver
Edited by: Shaylem
Music: Thal
Oompa Loompa lyrics: Oliver and Dan

This is a part of the Voice of the Children Filmmaking Summer Camp film series (…). All of the films shot in this series were shot, edited, written, and topics / titles decided on democratically by the young people involved. We shot one film a day for five days.