Done-juns En Drah-guns Campaign: Days 1 & 2

The Mosshold Peninsula is being overrun and controlled by giants coming from the clouds. Cassandra Damon’s farm has been taken over and her family kidnapped. She flees the farm to Mosshold to find help and meets Gareon Dull Va’Olazur, a wandering adventurer looking for action. He vows to help her find her family and to rescue her farm. Inquiring in town, they find out that the militia and government have been bribed and are on the side of the giants. And so, they turn to the thieve’s guild for help. (more…)

Categories: D&D

The Dangers of Spring

Hello, dear reader! It’s me, Seth. It’s been some time, but I’m finally back! Working in a coal mine has been grueling work, but I’m done now, and I’m back to give you some totally informational news that I did not make up on a whim for entertainment purposes! Nope, this is all straight fact. Facts about what, you may ask? Facts about how spring is evil and dangerous, and how everything will be out to get you until summer time finally comes around! Trust me, I’m an expert on these things, so I’ll be happy to inform you on just some of the MANY dangers of the spring time, so you can be on high alert when you’re out having brunch with friends or something. 


Seth – Ideas For Christmas Gifts

Happy belated Christmas/New Years, dear reader! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, because I sure didn’t. Apparently I was quite the mischievous character this year, and Santa decided that simply giving me coal was not enough, so now I’m at the north pole working in Santa’s personal coal mine. Make sure to be good this year if you don’t wanna end up like me you guys! One sure-fire way to make the nice list is gift giving, but it has to be a good gift, and not something lame like socks, or setting the animals at the zoo loose. It was a good gift for the animals though, not so much for the zookeepers and pedestrians…  (more…)